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See Why Advanced Database Marketers Entrust Their Data to Us

Marketers in today's economy are faced with their greatest challenges. Acquiring, retaining and maximizing a profitable customer base is becoming more and more difficult. Marketers understand the need to use data mining techniques to improve business performance - yet many are challenged by existing data structures. Older systems and multiple data silos often mean marketers are unable to quickly, easily and economically ask and answer complex and challenging questions about their data.

Data Services can help. With MarketView, you can maintain a single database of all your data, providing a holistic, 360-degree view of your customer base. MarketView can help leverage that mountain of data to segment and target customers in the most meaningful way to maximize long term profitability.

Warehouse Plus

  • Standardize data from multiple sources into one consistent database
  • Customer files, transactional data, prospect files, credit information and more in one single, easily navigable data center
  • Understand cause and effect and identify natural clusters
  • Allows for “Train of Thought” queries and analytics

Campaign Plus

  • Create highly segmented campaigns across your entire database, incorporating even deeply granular historical data
  • Allows for rapid, nimble response to changing market conditions
  • Increase response rates and profitability through pinpoint targeting
  • Increase customer retention by responding immediately to customer needs
  • Queries and outputs are processed within seconds, and readily available for multichannel distribution

Analytics Plus

  • Append lifestyle and demographic data to create a 360 degree view of your customer
  • Dashboard with daily business intelligence at your fingertips
  • Develop predictive models for better targeting and lower costs
  • Access to multiple reports, including:
    Venn Diagrams Lifetime Value
    Value of Original Source Cross Tabs
    Near Term Value Buyers of X Also Bought Y
Stay one step ahead and improve your business's effectiveness, efficiency and profitability with MarketView. Control your data, create campaign segmentation and get answers to critical business questions from your desktop.

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