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Finally – One Source for All Your Global Data
Processing Needs

Whether you are brand new to Domestic or International Direct Mail or have been mailing in multiple markets for years, Data Services can help you. Our expertise in Data Processing and Data Management extends into all aspects of getting your mail to your customers and prospects.

  • Address Hygiene – Eliminate incorrectly formatted and undeliverable addresses and verify the deliverability of your data using nearly 200 postal databases covering virtually every country and territory.
  • Merge/Purge – Why waste money on multiple pieces to the same address? We are experienced in B-to-B and B-to-C; US, Canadian and International.
  • Postal Presorting – Increase your savings and speed up delivery; it’s a double win for you and your customers.

You know the impact postage has on your bottom line. Rising postal costs are the number one expense every mailer must effectively contain. Use our efficiency tools to help you mail smarter and more effectively – and keep those costs down.

Call 800-432-4066 or +1 410-546-2206 and discover how our advanced data processing solutions can save you money on your next mailing.