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We Identify “Red Flags” To See If That Great Lead is Wrong or Just Phony.

  • That ‘valuable lead’ in your data file needs a good scrubbing to make sure it’s not mistakenly entered. Over 40 years working with thousands of files has taught us to be alert for data that’s input into a form incorrectly. The earlier you flag bad data, the less money you waste chasing dead-end leads.
  • Your website isn’t limited by geographic regions so why should your data processing partner be? Good for you that Data Services is the pioneer in worldwide data processing services and can correct, standardize, format and verify postal addresses using over 200 worldwide postal databases.
  • Go Green by mailing smarter while reducing your postage costs. Direct Mail is still the tried and true best way to acquire new customers and we can eliminate the waste from your direct mail program all while increasing your ROI!

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