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Simplify and Enhance the Effectiveness of your Email Marketing

Data Services offers all the necessary tools to help your organizations email marketing programs succeed. From Data Warehousing to Data Quality & Enhancement to Distribution, Data Services has you covered.

Email Address Hygiene - This service identifies undeliverable email addresses to increase the accuracy of your direct mail campaign efforts. Validation and Syntax correction detects general format and syntax errors in email addresses, removes bad characters and common typos, and ensures that the email address has valid top level domain (i.e. .net, .edu, etc).

Email Append – Have a customer’s current postal address but need to communicate with them via email? The solution is our email appending service. Email campaigns and newsletters boost customer retention and cross-sells at a fraction of the cost of direct mail.

Reverse Email Append – What if your database contains an email, but no name or postal address? No problem. We can take an email and append names and postal addresses. Match rates vary from file to file, but 15% to 25% can be used as a ballpark match rate estimate.

Email Broadcasting – DSI’s EMail Broadcasting Services offer a complete solution for any email campaign. With the power to send out all types of email during any time frame, you can customize every detail to fit your project’s needs. Our support staff will make sure that no detail is overlooked.

Email Change of Address (ECOA) Services – Stay in touch with your best customers and prospects by replacing their outdated and undeliverable email data, due to a change in email provider (ISP) or employment, with a current email address.

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