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Bad data costs businesses millions each year in extra postage, printing and mailing costs. Regardless of the size of your file, odds are that improperly formatted, undeliverable and duplicate records make up a significant percentage of your marketing data. Wouldn't it be great to identify these records before you mail rather than after? Call us for your no-obligation Data Test and see first hand how our benchmark address hygiene and duplicate elimination services can work to eliminate bad/undeliverable records from your world wide marketing file(s) and database(s). This is a FREE service Data Services offers to qualified marketers looking to put the accuracy of their data to the test.

You simply send us a sample of your postal address file and then receive a detailed report outlining the bad/undeliverable and duplicate data that can be eliminated to achieve greater postal efficiencies and lower costs.

Call us today at 800-432-4066 or +1 410-546-2206 to see how your FREE Data Test can help you achieve greater postal efficiencies and increase your ROI.

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