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Exploring Direct Mail Opportunities in Brazil

Date: February, 2010 --

Brazil has shown itself to be one of the most developed countries in the world in database and interactive marketing. Its agencies regularly win Echos. Much of the growth in database marketing comes from the publishing and financial sectors, where credit card and other financial services marketing are of a high sophistication. In the publishing sector, publishing house Abril stands out as a major magazine publisher with front-rank direct marketing skills. The Post, Correios, has also played a role in that development.

International Masters Publishers (IMP) is a highly successful multinational marketer of series products such as recipes, crafts, and health information in card and DVD formats, as well as music and one-shot books. It is a major customer of the post in every country in which it does business, and as a continuity product marketer, it obviously gets to know the post’s strengths and weaknesses pretty quickly.

Correios gets good reviews from IMP’s General Manager, Andre Bodowski, who has this to say about their quality of service.

"I love them. They are great," said Andre. He continued, "In public polls, the post and the firefighters rank top of the list as the most trusted organizations in the country. However, you must stay constantly aware of the postal workers union plans. For example, they staged a 20 day strike in 2008. We were not prepared for this, and suffered a little bit," observed Andre.”If you are in communication with them, you can plan accordingly.”

The Post has moved aggressively to promote direct mail and to improve service. For example, it has a program to deliver ecommerce packages within metropolitan areas within 8 hours. It also has a program to assist small companies to export products abroad – a daunting task in Brazil because of the bureaucracy, and it formed a partnership with a major bank, Banco Bradesco, to have a bank branch in nearly every post office in the country, thus providing money transfer services to support DM, and banking facilities to hundreds of millions of previously unbanked citizens. Practical tip: When soliciting payment in your offer letter into Brazil, provide a postal account alternative.

Lists are not a problem and one of the largest, DataListas, a subsidiary of publisher Abril, holds over 11 million names on file, 4.4 million households, and about 7 million opted-in e-mail addresses. Note that in Brazil, email is now “opt-in” by self-regulation through the local DMA, the respected ABEMD.

When a company with the sophistication of an IMP invests in Brazil, it is probably time for any serious company to take a look at the market. Data Services can, of course, make sure your addresses are clean and formatted correctly for optimal delivery accuracy, and they can help you learn all your options for obtaining lists, email addresses, and strategic thinking about tapping into the land of Carnival and Ipanema Beach.