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Royal Mail's New Resource for Direct Mailers

Date: June, 2010 --

If you mail within or into the UK, there is a wonderful resource for market research and direct mail advice in, of all places, the theater district of central London. This is Royal Mail’s innovative ‘Mail Media Centre’ at Stukeley Street, near Holborn and Covent Garden.

The center is open Monday through Friday from 9 to 6 and is staffed with knowledgeable experts from Royal Mail. If you call in advance, they’ll be prepared to meet you with resources all laid out.

What can you do at the “MMC”? Well, you can track competitors’ direct mail spend. You can get spend data on other media, from TV to print to online.

You can review the latest creative from marketing campaigns of all sorts, as they maintain an amazing library of actual letter samples. They also track the other elements of campaigns if the letter forms part of an integrated program.

The research resources extend beyond creative to databases of all sorts enabling you to target using geo-demographics, by brand, as well as by attitudes and lifestyles. For example, we did a search to determine how many upscale married men and women over 60 who rode bicycles we could find. They had the resources for us to do that and we found some 120,000 or so.

Finally, if you are in London long enough, you can benefit from free training and marketing masterclasses that are given periodically.

Best of all, most of these resources, and others, are now available on Royal Mail’s website, which endeavors to reproduce in the digital realm the resources available in person at this excellent physical facility. You can register on the site to receive their updates and bulletins. The site is regularly updated with the latest information and thinking on direct mail techniques, solutions, and statistics. There are also features by experts in the field, and the UK has produced many of the world’s best.

When you are finished with either designing a new campaign or freshening up your control package, don’t forget to have Data Services, Inc. update and prepare your file for mailing to your customers and prospects in the UK.