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Email Newsletter & Social Media Trends in Europe You Need to Know

Date: June, 2011 --

So you have customers in Europe with evolving habitual media consumption. You know you have to change your marketing tools in order to meet them where they live. Are they receptive to email? Are they using social media? Should you carry on with that newsletter? Where to begin… 

A recent survey by eCircle, a consultancy in Europe, may help guide us in these decisions, at least with respect to the six countries they investigated: UK, Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy. Some of the conclusions on media use are unsurprising, and some of the findings regarding social media are almost caricatures. But all of them provide food for thought in decision-making, and may confirm your previous suspicions. 

Some general conclusions are possible:

  1. Social media and email work in all six countries. At least 50% of respondents in all the countries use social networks and read email newsletters. Not so surprising, since good newsletters contain, or should contain, useful information. Italians are the most connected, where 69% use email, newsletters and social networks.

  2. Europe is divided into two major markets or mindsets. In the UK, Spain and Italy, consumers are more “multi-channel” and are much more likely to use/read email, newsletters, and use social media. As noted, Italians respond to all channels at the rate of 69%, and 59% of their Latin neighbors in Spain do so as well. In Germany, France and Netherlands, more than 1/3rd of respondents can only be reached by email.

  3. Facebook works everywhere, and is number one, to the tune of 90% or more of the market, everywhere except in Germany and the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, the market leader is Hyves, which attracts 80% of users, with Facebook at 69%. In Germany, Facebook is biggest at 60%, and thus still worth using; however, 50% of the market has a page/profile on one of its competitors sites. The saving statistic for Facebook may be that in those two “low” countries, the users tend to have slightly more accounts per person, at 2.2 each.

  4. Our reserved and more, shall we say, reticent customers in Germany and France have the lowest average number of friends on the social media, at 57 and 53 per person respectively. After all, one should be introduced, shouldn’t one? On the other hand, the outgoing Italians top the list at 87 friends per person, with the UK coming in at a surprising 77, followed by Netherlands at the same number and Spain at 69.

  5. Social media may be a good place to put your brand. People throughout Europe tend to go to their chosen site at least once a week at the rate of at least 90% in all countries. The ever social Italians go there weekly at a 94% rate. They also are most likely to check at least once a day, as 76% of them do. Contrast this with the Dutch who check at least daily only at the rate of 60%.

  6. “Following” or “liking” a brand is not particularly popular in any of the six countries. The highest percentage is in the UK, with 32% of respondents having “liked” a brand, and the lowest being the Germans at 15%. No one has ever accused the folks in the UK of being reticent about their feelings about companies and products!

  7. People in all six countries check their email at least daily at rates in the mid-90% range. Mobile is increasingly being used to check emails, especially in the UK, Italy and Spain, where almost 25% of consumers do so daily.
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