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Where Else Should I Mail? DM in New Zealand.

Date: December, 2010 --

Admittedly, New Zealand isn't the biggest market around, with only 4,315,800 people in the country. But it's wealthy, with a per capita GDP of slightly over US$30,050, right around Spain and South Korea. It also has a postal system noteworthy for having been the first in the world to be "corporatized" and then "liberalized" and subjected to competition. It has been extremely clever at developing a sustainable business. 

One of those businesses is promoting direct mail and generating lists. To that end, it regularly conducts The New Zealand Lifestyle Survey, which is a consumer preference lifestyle survey. This in turn becomes the core of a publicly accessible database which can generate highly targetable direct mail, e-mail and mobile lists, all opt-in, by the way. Moreover, the database can be used for analytical purposes, including segmentation and modeling, to help you learn more about your own current customers. 

This domestic survey is similar to that used in Australia, and consists of some 57 questions, 300 response categories, and 1000 data points. This is a wealth of information, including hobbies and leisure activities, vehicles, boats, homes, finance, insurance, supermarket preference, reading preferences, music, etc. 

It is delivered to 600,000 households and 127,000 e-mail addresses. With only about 1,635,000 households in the country, that's phenomenal coverage. 

The most recent execution of the survey produced response rates high enough to make any direct marketer slightly dizzy with envy. It elicited 200,000 household responses, a 33% response rate, having budgeted for 150,000. It had 400,000 individual consumer responses against a target of 300,000. 30,000 e-mail addresses were gathered. New Zealanders seem to be very responsive, although there was an attractive sweeps offer with the questionnaire. 

The Lifestyle Survey is housed together with the New Movers List, the Rural List, and a PO Box Direct List in a "Data Hub". The rural list covers 57,000 rural businesses and 110,000 people in rural New Zealand. The PO Box list adds names and addresses to PO boxes, making it useful for targeting. 

It is accessible, and you can experiment and get a taste of its functionality and potential at

New Zealand Post has not paused for breath. It has already reached out to other markets in the region to explore bilateral data exchanges. It has discussed this project in detail with China Post, Hong Kong Post and Singapore Post. In fact it has already worked with Hong Kong Post in the provision of privacy compliant customer data to enable cross-border, multichannel direct marketing offers. 

Some new marketing opportunities have been experimented with, including the development of marketing campaigns by New Zealand businesses into China for products such as food, clothing, tourism, education, and 'nutraceuticals'. The New Zealand and Hong Kong Posts have been testing an offer for Topline NatureBee © products since April 2010. They are using the Hong Kong Post customer data for target selection, and direct mail and their e-commerce platform, Shopthrupost, for campaign execution. 

It has also proposed to the regional postal union of 31 countries, the Asia-Pacific Postal Union, that it construct a combined DataHub of all willing countries modeled on its own DataHub. 

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