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Google UK Program to Support Exports - A Model for the US? A Data Source For You?

Date: September, 2009 --

Last month Google UK and numerous partners announced the launch of the Google Export Adviser. Together with partners including UK Trade & Investment (UKTI), HSBC, Royal Mail, Institute of Export (IoE), Applied Language and, the Google Export Adviser's goal is to help businesses overcome the major barriers to exporting with useful tools, practical insights and relevant offers to reach new markets and grow internationally. There are a number of very interesting international case studies in video form which are worth the time.

Part of the program is built, to be sure, on various Google and AliBaba paid products to help companies identify markets and targets.

Many of Data Services' clients know first hand the hoops to be jumped through in order to find prospects and engage in the simplest of transactions internationally. From prospecting to promotion to fulfillment to returns/undeliverables to payments and refunds, the challenges are endless, so any help is welcome.

There are 1.2 billion consumers beyond the borders of the US and Canada and as the economy recovers millions more come into the market and online every week. The UK's Google Export Advisor is just one more of the tools to do that. But let us not forget that at the end of the day the database must be accurate, the email deliverable, and the address for the package or invoice has to be verified, updated, and possibly even changed.

Google Export Adviser is focused on helping UK companies export to Europe. Data Services can help you find and stay connected to prospects and customers in the same countries. Remember that data entry is always a challenge and European consumers and businesses move also, so address hygiene is critical.

Data Services is an address hygiene specialist.