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Germany Speeds Up Undeliverable Management

Date: April, 2012 --

Mailers in Germany now have access to what is likely the fastest undeliverables management service in the world. Called Premiumadress, the system makes it possible to update a database faster than ever.  Premiumadress is a solution for postal returns management which increases the efficiency and speed of recording processing and data availability. It eliminates time-consuming manual recording of returns by the sender. For organizations using their data to mail at frequent intervals, faster data correction is money in the bank. 

The system starts with the letter carrier, of course, but instead of marking the envelope and bringing it back to the delivery unit for treatment and return to the mailer, the carrier takes action to communicate undeliverability at the doorstep. Returns are immediately recorded electronically and on return to the delivery unit are compared to the change of address, deceased and undeliverable files of Deutsche Post.  The data is then sent to the mailer through the Premiumadress Internet portal or via SFTP, based on the preference of the customer. Physical returns are treated pursuant to the mailer’s instructions: return, forward or discard. 

One of the keys to the efficiency of this system is the 2D barcode which is placed on each Premiumadress piece, which identifies the customer by code and the item content. Also, Deutsche Post does not use stamps on this mail, opting instead for a data matrix code frank. This frank is similar to the USPS IMB, but it is shaped like a stamp, and it identifies the piece as a Premiumadress article, defines what is to happen to the item in the event it is undeliverable, lists the sender and specifies what information they require and how they wish to receive it. If desired, the customer (addressee) can also be identified in the code.  

While this is similar to services available through the USPS, it is unique in its utilization of electronic communication of the undeliverable at the delivery point, and the flexibility offered to the sender in terms of data return and data content.

Premiumadress is a great service for mailers targeting the German market, but don’t forget to work with Data Services, Inc. in advance of your mailing to Germany, or any other market, to utilize the necessary international data processing, international merge/purge, NCOA, postal presort and related services necessary to ensure your global direct marketing data is accurate, up to date and deliverable!