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Every Door Direct Mail Explained

Date: April, 2012 --

Every Door Direct Mail is an unaddressed mail service launched by the USPS last summer.  It has taken a while for the USPS to get the bugs out, and customers are beginning to adopt it where relevant.

At launch last year, the US Postal Service insisted on keeping mail entry and requirements as complicated as they could.  Mail had to be bundled in a certain fashion, the mailer needed a mailing permit and mail had to be taken to a Business Entry Unit rather than the local post office. Of course, the only mailers who could qualify were those with permits who had jumped through all the hoops and could understand the bureaucratic gibberish of mail preparation. 

Now, the process has been simplified and a business can present up to 5,000 pieces a day, bundled 60 to a bunch, at the local delivery post office, with no mailing permit required.  And you can pay by check, cash, or credit card. The mailer doesn’t need a postal account or agreement.  The mailer selects the neighborhood in which he wants coverage and one leaflet is put into each letterbox.  Just choose the neighborhoods and take your mail to the post offices that serve those areas.

And the price is an appealing 14.5 cents per piece. 

Although these are ideal for the small business with a local clientele, experienced marketers will know that this could be a very interesting test vehicle for new products, or for new market entry testing of mature products.  Make sure the demographics are correct and provide a response mechanism so names and addresses can be gathered. For consumer products, this could be a very interesting tool. 

The USPS website has a very user-friendly website on the subject: .    

And speaking of user-friendly tools, the international section of the USPS site has been completely redesigned, and their service offerings are much more easily compared.  No longer do you need a book written by an “expert” to figure out the alternatives. It’s worth a look - 

And after you’ve made your plans, make sure your file has been put into shape by Data Services’ US, Canadian and/or international address hygiene services so you will maximize delivery to the fullest extent possible.