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“Reversed Targeting” Improves Unaddressed Mail in Denmark

Date: June, 2012 --

Amongst the most innovative and even aggressive postal systems in the world, the Danish Post has over many years developed an extraordinarily sophisticated “every door direct mail” sort of service that sets it apart from all other postal offerings in saturation mailings.  

First of all, it isn’t blind. Over the years the Post has built a data warehouse of residential addresses that gives them the ability to segment households and neighborhoods along a number of relevant marketing criteria, including presence of children, number of automobiles or boats and much more. It is possible to tailor a geographic distribution area, target a specific group of recipients based on demographic variables or add a specific new group of recipients based on your database.  

This product has earned the Danish Post awards at the respected Triangle World Mail and Express Awards competition at least three times over the years as it has become more targetable and user-friendly. 

So why is Data Services, Inc. bringing an “unaddressed” service to your attention?   Because to make this even more effective as a marketing tool, Post Danmark recently improved the product even further by introducing what they call “Reversed Targeting”. In short, it is now possible to remove addresses from an unaddressed mailing. In order to accomplish this effectively, you’ll need properly formatted, standardized addresses, which is what Data Services provides quite effectively. 

Suppose you are an insurance company, nonprofit fundraiser, or a bank, and you want to conduct a cost-effective new customer recruitment/acquisition campaign. You know your target demographic and thus the neighborhoods to which you wish to mail, but you do not want to deliver this attractive new customer acquisition promotion to your current customers, donors or supporters. In nearly any other country, you would have to go find lists of prospects, select out for the geographic region you want to cover, dedupe against your customer list, and, of course, pay postage based on an addressed product.  

In Denmark, however, you can do that neighborhood saturation mailing and exclude the specific addresses of your current customers, all while paying the unaddressed mailing rate.” Reversed Targeting” indeed. The result should be a better ROI on the mailing, and probably fewer calls to your call center from confused clients who are wondering about this fabulous offer for “new customers” which makes them feel neglected. A recent mailing by the Danish Cancer Society succeeded in doing just that - diminishing the number of unaddressed letters delivered to existing contributors, resulting in fewer complaints from current supporters, while enabling redeployment of available resources to new prospects.

Given the upsurge of complaints the USPS is receiving about Every Door Direct Mail deliveries to people who have registered with the DMA’s “Do Not Mail” service, this is something the USPS needs to seriously investigate.

If you have customers in Denmark and are thinking of expanding, this service bears your consideration. Call your Data Services, Inc. representative and we’ll put you in touch with the right people at Danmark Post to help you get started. Given that you’ll need an accurate customer address to ensure the address on your database is matched with its counterpart at Post Danmark and suppressed from the acquisition mailing, make sure your file is standardized and validated by utilizing Data Services’ international address hygiene / international address verification services.