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Case Study: Small Retailers Make QR Codes Work

Date: November, 2012 --

In this case study we’ll review how one small retailer in the sporting goods vertical utilized QR codes within their print marketing initiatives in order to boost new customer acquisition. Furthermore, we’ll touch upon how these marketing initiatives were successful in not only creating one-off buyers, but how well this tactic worked at creating customers that made repeat purchases over the term of the campaign. This case study was done by Data Services, Inc. in partnership with our friends at The Prescott Report.

Good Sports Outdoor Outfitters is a stand-alone retail store for outdoor sporting clothing and equipment in San Antonio, Texas.  It wanted to find new clients, expand its email list, and increase sales. 

Its agency suggested a QR code-included magazine ad campaign. Scanning the code with a mobile phone would take the reader to a landing page offering a discount coupon by email in exchange for a name and email address.  

Clicking the “submit” button launched an acknowledgement and thank you page with a coupon simultaneously generated on the mobile phone and sent to the email address.  This gives the customer a choice to redeem the coupon in either form – off the phone by displaying it on the phone at the time of purchase in the store - or by printing out the email version.

The campaign ran for six months and generated substantial new sales. Not only were 62% of the responders totally new clients, 10% of those clients made repeat purchases during the period of the campaign.  The QR Code received 335 unique scans and over 200 smart phone users who scanned the code provided their email addresses.

How critical the email address is to this company is self-evident. Look to Data Services to help you keep your files up-to-date and accurate, both that mail address, and that email address!!  10% repeat purchases among new customers in a 6 month period is nothing to dismiss.