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Case Study: Testing QR Codes in Billing Statements

Date: November, 2012 --

In this Case Study we’ll demonstrate how QR codes proved themselves to SEB Kort, one of the largest bank and pension groups in northern Europe and the leading credit card issuing company in Denmark, marketing and issuing cards for Diners Club, Eurocard and GlobalCard. This case study was done by Data Services, Inc. in partnership with our friends at The Prescott Report.

the spring and early summer of 2011, the company decided to test whether their customers were familiar with QR technology and willing to use the codes. Using the May 2011 credit card statements, the company inserted a competition on the third page of the statement and informed those customers who got that far into their statements that they could enter the competition by visiting a website or by scanning the provided QR code. 

competition was a prize draw for things like hotel stays, fine dining experiences, gift cards, and similar attractive prizes. In order to generate highly granular information, the campaign segmented the mailing list and the QR codes linked to customized promotional content dependent on the list segment. 

The competition ran for several months and was promoted over consecutive billing cycles.

The company measured which media the customers had chosen to use when entering. The analysis over the three months showed that 25% of the participants chose to respond via the QR code, while 75% signed up via the Eurocard website mentioned in the promotion. While the 25% participation rate seems low, in fact it is extremely high considering that Eurocard data showed that only 40% of its customers owned a smart phone at that time.

This data suggests that if all its customers had smart phones, the participation rate would have been in excess of 60%. And this for a promotion prize draw on the third page of a monthly statement!

It seems to us that from all of these examples we can safely conclude that given the proper incentive and the availability of a tool that makes it easy, consumers most definitely will use smart phone technologies and the QR codes that require nothing more than one click of the camera button. It certainly puts less between you and your customer than asking him/her to hunt and peck out a URL on the keypad.

In any event, however nifty and effective QR codes can be in getting prospects and customers to your website and your valuable offers, you still have to get the motivating medium into their hands, whether letter or email. Data Services has the state-of-the-art in database marketing services via our MarketView database platform that will allow you to perform advanced analytics, segmentation and campaign creation essential for multi-segment programs such as the one we just mentioned. Moreover, a correct, up to date address is still essential to ensure your message, be it a billing document or other targeted promotional materials, reaches your customer or prospect.