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Case Study: Event Marketing with Mysterious Direct Mail

Date: April, 2013 --

This case study will focus on how a historic Dutch museum utilized a nondescript direct mail invitation to its member database to drive traffic to an online landing page in order to increase interest and garner RSVPs to their live anniversary event. The study will communicate how direct mail effectively drove members to the web and how the campaign utilized the associated landing page to garner event attendance. This case study was compiled by Data Services, Inc. with cooperation from our friends at the Prescott Report.

This museum in Arnhem, The Netherlands, contains a 200 year historic recreation of life in the Netherlands.  A large open air museum, it has farmyards, farmhouses, cottages and businesses, a farmers’ café and shops. An outdoor cultural experience with beautiful and engaging scenery and sights, it is a perfect location for a company party.    

Wanting to generate more corporate customers, and to celebrate its 100th anniversary, the “Openluchtmuseum” turned to the direct mail advisory subsidiary of the Dutch Post, Euromail, for help. 

The mailing piece was mysterious; it does not identify the sender. The caption on the cake says, “We Treat”. And who does not get interested at the prospect of being invited to a celebration?

But there are mysteries. The sender is not identified. Nor is the location of the party. The invitation on the front of the card only mentions the 100 year birthday. For further information, the recipient is directed to visit a web page, which was personalized to the card recipient. (The mailing was to existing customers of the museum and a rented list of business prospects.) 

But wait! There is more mystery. Even on the web page there is no sales pitch, only further copy on celebrating an anniversary and a link. The locale remained unidentified. The visitor had to click “Join!” and be automatically registered to attend before learning that the card was from the Open Air Museum.  

Results were impressive. The website received 1,170 unique visitors, a 20% response. A reminder mailing produced 337 more, or 7%. 941 people (16%) “joined” and requested further information from the museum. These responders were subsequently contacted and invited to a “test lunch”. 

Who says direct mail doesn’t work?  To help celebrate your next party, make sure you have asked Data Services, Inc. to check your invitee list for properly formatted postal and email addresses. After all, you want everyone to get their invitation.