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5 Reasons to Eliminate Data Silos

Date: July, 2013 --

A good quality list and a proven control message are no longer enough to ensure a successful marketing communications strategy. With the ever increasing availability and ease of acquiring both B2B and B2C data, your target audience is likely receiving solicitations from competing interests, and it’s more important than ever to evolve your marketing message from one-size-fits all to the type of personalized, 1-to-1 communications expected by today’s media overloaded audience. All of which is only possible with an effective data management strategy, which can only arise through the creation of a robust centralized database.

Here now are five good reasons you should leave the silos to the farmers:

1)      The Essential 360 Degree View – Whether you’re talking about customers or prospects, you’ll never get the full story about either if you keep information in separate silos. Without this full story you may be missing opportunities to cater your dialog to these folks in a manner best warranted given their true relationship with your brand.


2)      Send the Right Offer at the Right Time – Without a central database, you may be missing pieces of the puzzle that will reveal unique buying (or other type of conversion) patterns of those on your customer or house file. A centralized database will allow you to utilize the purchase behavior of individual and/or larger segments of your audience to create more timely and targeted messages.


3)      Making Your Message Personal – As mentioned in our opening, today’s consumer almost always wants to be spoken to as if they’re not just another name on your list. Consolidating all your behavioral, transactional and other data in a single database opens the door for you to get as creative as you need to in the way you speak to your audience. Whether this means sending a congratulatory greeting message on your customer/prospect’s birthday or more simply asking them to review their latest purchase, the possibilities are endless.


4)      Put Messaging on Auto-Pilot with Marketing Automation – Only with a centralized database can even the most effective marketing automation strategy reach its full potential. Building off the examples in point #3, a centralized database will allow marketers to fully automate portions of their direct marketing programs through the creation of various triggered campaigns. These could be a series of welcome communications, such as email messages, used as part of a lead warming program to familiarize prospects with your brand, or a series of post-purchase messages meant to thank customers for a recent purchase and/or, with some effective cross-product affinity analysis, recommend additional purchases based this one.


5)      Get Running on that Cool Platform You’ve Always Wanted – Let’s face it, your investment in any of today’s data/marketing platforms cannot be fully realized without a strong, inclusive central database. Data Services own clients utilizing our MarketView platform for data management, customer/product analysis and campaign management understand the valuable segmentation and tracking capabilities as well as the intelligence derived from these systems and how they benefit their ability to effectively communicate with customers and prospects. This type of segmentation is also productive for your organizations sales/development team in their subsequent ability to better target within a CRM platform or your website team in being better able to get a more complete picture of and individual’s website activity and/or eCommerce purchases.


All told, the reasons for eliminating data silos in favor of a strong centralized customer and/or marketing database are clear. For help with your data management strategy, contact your Data Services representative or give us a call at 800-432-4066 (+1-410-546-2206 for those outside the US) today!