Services - Email Broadcasting

Improve your email marketing efforts...

Data Services' Email Broadcasting service offers a complete solution for any email campaign. With the power to send out all types of email during any timeframe, you can customize every detail to fit your project’s needs. Reports that track every aspect of your mailing guarantee that the information you need will be accessible and our support staff will make sure that no detail is overlooked.

  • Email Broadcasting Service Features:
    • Full Range of Email Campaign Types
      • Marketing/Prospecting Campaigns
      • Newsletters
      • Announcements
    • Outbound Message Throttling
    • Delivery Time Pre-scheduling
    • Mulitple Message Formats
      • Multi-Part MIME
      • HTML
      • Basic Text
    • Full Range of reporting categories
      • Soft and Hard Bounces
      • HTML Reading Detection
      • HTML Opens
      • Clickthrough Rates
      • Subscribe/Unsubscribe Rates
    • List Unsubscribe Management
    • Mail Merge/Personalized Messages
    • Sender Verification to ensure your email gets delivered