Services - Geocoding

Target your market with latitude and longitude append...

Let Data Services append latitude and longitude information to your customer and/or prospect records so that you can target your market! This service gives you the information you need to determine the distance between any two locations, pinpoint customer locations, or find the closest store or dealer to a customer.

Geocoding is a location intelligence process for translating a location to a specific coordinate (latitude and longitude) on a map of the earth’s surface. Data Services, Inc.’s Geocoding Service is a sophisticated and robust service that enables a geocode to be assigned to addresses worldwide.

Our system uses the most comprehensive multi-sourced reference data available which allows it to add geocodes to delivery point/rooftop level in over 120 major countries and adds geocode to city or postal code centroid position for over 240 countries.

In addition to the latitude and longitude coordinates, each geocoded record is returned with a set of codes that provide information on how the geocode was derived.

Geocode Status

  • Point – a single geocode was found matching the input address.
  • Interpolated – a geocode was able to be interpolated from the input address location in a range. Interpolated geocodes are positions based on a proportional location within a street segment, where a street segment contains a range of premises along a street. These are generally accurate to within a few tens of meters, since the street segments tend to cover small, straight portions of a street.
  • Average – multiple candidate geocodes were found to match the input address and an average of these was returned.
  • Unable to geocode – a geocode was not able to be generated for the input address.

Geocode Level

  • Delivery Point (Post Box or Sub Building)
  • Premise (Premise or Building)
  • Thoroughfare
  • Locality (city)
  • Administrative Area (County/Province)
  • None

Data Services can also assist with custom programs to calculate distances based on latitude and longitude. Call us for details.