Data Quality Services - International Address Hygiene

Increase Direct Mail ROI with International Address Hygiene

International direct mail costs are high enough without the added drain of undeliverable addresses weighing down your profits. Bad, undeliverable and improperly formatted addresses on your file drive up your international mailing, printing and postage costs.

Our Global Address Hygiene Services will:

  • Improve deliverability with international address standardization, correction & verification
  • Eliminate bad & undeliverable records from your files and databases
  • Cut out wasted print, postage, and other production costs incurred by bad data
  • Increase international direct mail ROI
  • Increase the accuracy of subsequent international Merge/Purge & NCOA Processing
  • Increase the value of your international data for list rental or lead generation purposes

Data Services, Inc. offers US Address Hygiene, Canadian Address Hygiene, and International Address Hygiene services.

International Data Processing Services

International Address Hygiene
Data Services’ International Address Hygiene service incorporates over 200 postal databases representing virtually every country and territory across the globe. Individual country postal databases are updated on a monthly or quarterly schedule ensuring that our international data quality services always use the most up-to-date information.

It is important to note that although the focus of this service is to validate and correct postal addresses, there is also value in identifying those records that may contain insufficient or inaccurate address information. Address hygiene return codes provide valuable information regarding hygiene processing and address deliverability.

Real-Time International Data Cleansing
International Address Hygiene may also be integrated into your current data processing flow through FTP transfer or via API. An automated process for our International Address Hygiene service can be customized to meet your exact specifications creating a Real-Time International Data Cleansing solution.

Local Language Data Processing
Direct mailers targeting China & Japan face a variety of challenges: Language challenges, Multi-byte processing challenges, and regional postal challenges. China-Complete Address Hygiene & Japan-Complete Address Hygiene data processing from Data Services meet all these challenges and provide the traditional address hygiene services you’ve come to rely upon in your direct mail data processing.

International NCOA
Canadian NCOA, UK NCOA Update, UK NCOA Suppress, as well as NCOA services for other global markets are available. Please contact us for more information about International NCOA.

Global Merge/Purge & Suppression Services
Data Services offers consumer level (individual or household) and business level US, Canadian & international merge/purge and suppression file processing. Learn more about International Merge/Purge

eWorld - Automated Global Address Verification
Now you can benefit from dramatically faster turnaround times, lower costs, and automatic data transfers through Data Services’ Automated International Data Hygiene solution. Experience the same results as with our standard International Address Hygiene process all while controlling your own processing schedule. Learn more about Data Services' Online Address Hygiene services.

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