Services - International NCOA Services

Keep Track of Your Best International Customers & Prospects

Around the world, millions of people change their residence each year. Updating the addresses in your files for customers and prospects as they move is vital to business success but is also an on-going challenge; especially internationally. Fortunately, we have an answer: National Change of Address (NCOA) Services from Data Services.

Data Services' International NCOA Processing Service will:

  • Refresh address records for customers/prospects who have moved
  • Increase the accuracy of your marketing data.
  • Ensure your direct mail pieces reach their intended targets.
  • Increase the value of your database for list rental or other monetization efforts.

Do you know where your international customers have gone? Find your viable customers and prospects again using international change of address services. The international change of address services compares names and addresses on your files with change of address files from various countries, providing you with the new address of your customers who have moved.

To find out more about how International NCOA can work for you call 800-432-4066 or +1 410-546-2206.