Data Quality Services - Japan-Complete

Japanese Data Processing handling multi-byte character sets...

Direct Mailers targeting Japan face a variety of challenges: Language challenges, Multi-byte processing challenges, and Japanese postal challenges. Japan-Complete processing from Data Services meets all these challenges and provides the traditional address hygiene services you’ve come to rely upon in your direct mail data processing.

Japan-Complete Includes:

  • Japanese and Romanji character set support
  • Gender Coding and Name Sequencing
  • Postal Address Hygiene
  • Individual, Household, or Residential level Merge/Purge including Japanese character set to Romanji matching

The Language and Multi-byte Processing Challenge

Because many of the Kanji characters are encoded in two or more bytes, Japanese can be a challenge for traditional North American and European data processing systems.
Japan-Complete from Data Services is designed to handle all forms of Japanese characters and is capable of handling mixed files containing Romanji and Japanese characters.

The Japanese Postal Challenge

Did you know that Japanese homes were formerly numbered not by geographic sequence, but according to when they were built? The next-higher number than your house would not necessarily be next-door, but might be a few blocks away. The good news is that Japanese postmen have very good memories, and the mail delivery service is excellent.

Although the numbering system has changed, Japan still has its share of irregularities within the postal system.
Japan-Complete is designed to handle the complexities of the Japan Postal system, including Address and Postal Code validation and correction using the Japanese Postal Database.

Japanese List Rental

Our LEX (ListExpress) online list count and ordering system also supports multi-byte Japanese lists giving you 24/7 access to run counts or ship orders.