Services - Job Title Coding & Standardization

Add job title segmentation to your business lists...

Data Services’ proprietary Job Title Coding and Enhancement process will match your job titles against a vast library of job titles and job title words to standardize your job title field and/or assign job category, specialty, and department codes.

Job Title Standardization

The job title standardization process corrects common misspellings, translates abbreviations, removes unnecessary punctuation, and most importantly makes your addresses look professional helping your mail pieces reach their intended recipient.

Standardized job titles can replace the existing job title or be appended to each record. A standardization output code is written to each record for analysis.

Job Title Coding

The job title code fields, among other unique applications, can be used for promotion segmentation, merge/purge priority settings, or as list rental selection criteria. The job title coding process provides a comprehensive report by job categories, specialties, and over 180 departments that will give you insight into your customer or prospect base.

Job Title Categories

Owner/Partner CEO Officer
President Senior VP VP
Director Senior Manager Manager
Supervisor Senior Professional Professional
Clergy Consultant Educator
Skilled Worker Assistant Worker
Clerical Student Department

Job Title Specialties

Administration Business Development Communications
Customer Service Education Engineering
Facilities Finance Food Service
Government Health and Fitness Human Resources
Legal Library/Resources Medical
News Operations Quality
Religion R&D Sales/Marketing
Technology Transportation