Services - List Enhancement Data Append

Fill in the missing gaps through data enhancements...

Many times clients have a database that contains most of the information on a record, but is missing important fields that can be useful for marketing, validation, or delivery purposes. The solution: List Enhancements and Data Appending services.

  • US Business File Enhancement – When it comes to B-to-B data, the more you know about your customers, the better you can market to them. We can apply valuable information such as Sales Volume, SIC code, Number of Employees and more. You can then mine your business data to determine patterns which enable you to market your business more effectively.
  • US Consumer File Enhancement – Segment your list for superior targeting to your current customers and new prospects. Data Services can append relevant information to many of the consumers in your database. Demographic, lifestyle and psychographic data – and much more - available. Call to discuss your unique needs.
  • Email Append – Have a customer’s current postal address but need to communicate with them via email? The solution is our email appending service. Email campaigns and newsletters boost customer retention and cross-sells at a fraction of the cost of direct mail. Reach those customers with our email append service.
  • Reverse Email Append – What if your database contains an email, but no name or postal address? No problem. We can take an email and append names and postal addresses. Match rates vary from file to file, but 15% to 25% can be used as a ballpark match rate estimate.
  • Phone appends – The Data Services Phone Append service allows you to attach telephone numbers to postal records in your database. Open up a world of marketing possibilities by adding phone numbers to your customer database. Call us today for more details. With over 40 years in the industry, Data Services has experience working with customers from a wide array of industrial verticals. Our services will enhance the value of your data and help mold its contents to meet your unique needs and those of your list rental prospects.
  • International Data Appends – Data Services works with both internal and external data sources to help our clients acquire the information they need to enhance their targeting and gain insights into their clients and prospects. This data ranges from demographic and transactional data to email and reverse email append and is available for many international markets. Please contact us or call with your specific needs and we’ll get to work right away!

Call 800-432-4066 or +1 410-546-2206 to find out how quickly we can start making your data work smarter for you.