Services - Mail Distribution & Consulting

Trust Data Services to get your mail there - on time and on budget...

Trust is built into every mailpiece we touch. Technology changes, postal rule changes, exchange rates, privacy updates - there's a never-ending list of challenges in International Direct Mail. It is extremely difficult for one person to be an expert - actually, it can be quite overwhelming. We offer several solutions to help you with your International mail.

  • International Direct Mail is challenging – You need a partner you can trust.
  • Worldwide Lettershop and Addressing services available.
  • Global Mail Distribution Solutions and Consulting services.

We’ve helped dozens of companies successfully expand their international presence. Whether you are new to International mail or a veteran that’s taking on a new country for the first time call us to see how our more than 40 years of International experience can help. Going it alone Internationally can be a very painful learning curve – we’ll smooth out the bumps along the way.

Call 800-432-4066 or +1 410-546-2206 when you are ready for world-class assistance on your next international project.