Services - Global Merge/Purge & Suppression

Remove unwanted duplicates and addresses...

Why waste money mailing to duplicates or people who don’t want your mail or aren’t good prospects for your products and services? Utilizing Data Services’ merge/purge and suppression services helps eliminate duplicates, eliminate unwanted, unproductive, and even undeliverable records and also reduces your related print, postage, and production costs.


Data Services offers consumer level (individual or household) and business level merge/purge processing for U.S., Canadian, and International files. Our proprietary international merge/purge algorithms provide high quality duplicate identification based on country specific address structures. The merge/purge programs used by DSI are complex algorithmic systems, not match-code systems. Merge/purge program parameters can be adjusted to best suit your requirements.

Suppression Files

Various suppression files are available for the US, Canada, and International markets:
  • US Suppression Files:
    • U.S. DMA Pander Suppression
    • U.S. Prison File Suppression
    • Email Suppression files.
  • Canadian Suppress Files:
    • Canadian CMA Pander Suppression
    • Canadian CMA Telephone Suppression
    • Canadian Prison File Suppression
  • International Suppression Files:
    • Mail Preference Suppression (MPS)
    • Telephone Suppression (TPS)
    • UK Royal Mail NCOA Suppression

These files may be used as part of your campaign merge/purge process or as a stand-alone service.

Simply call 800-432-4066 or +1 410-546-2206 to find out how suppression files can be utilized on your next direct marketing program.