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It's Your Data - Manage It the Way You Want with Data Services. Not only is your data safe with us, but you choose how you access or process it. We know your needs may change, so we've developed innovative, industry-leading tools and products to make sure our online services fit your business needs.

  • LEX is the the all-in-one list automation Tool that gives you 24/7 access to your files while allowing you to run counts based on the most complex selects and ship list rental orders right from your desktop.
  • eStat allows 24/7 access to file receipt information and conversion stats for your data files. We supply you the tools to stay current with your data and avoid unexpected surprises and delays.
  • eWorld Canadian Automated Service supplies you with faster data processing turnaround times and lower costs for Canadian Address Hygiene. Our eWorld website service offers Canadian Address Hygiene with SERP Certification, Canadian NCOA and Canadian Marketing Association Pander Suppression flagging. Start mailing smarter to Canada, today.
  • Automated International Hygiene. Data Services is extremely experienced in solving the unique challenges of International data and can create a specific set of processes for automated processing that can handle exceptions and inconsistencies specific to your International address hygiene requirements.
  • Email Broadcasting A complete solution for any email campaign with feedback loop management, customization options, full reporting capabilities and much more...

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