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Increase your Direct Mail ROI with US Address Hygiene…

Mailing costs are high enough without the added drain of undeliverable addresses weighing down your profits. Bad, undeliverable and improperly formatted addresses on your file drive up your mailing, printing and postage costs.

Our Address Hygiene Services will:

  • Improve deliverability by validating and correcting postal addresses
  • Eliminate bad & undeliverable records from your files and databases
  • Cut out wasted print, postage, and other production costs incurred by bad data
  • Increase direct mail ROI
  • Increase the accuracy of subsequent Merge/Purge & NCOA Processing
  • Increase the value of your data for list rental or lead generation purposes

Data Services, Inc. offers US, Canadian, and International address hygiene services.

US Address Hygiene Services

Address Hygiene & US NCOA Link™
Annually, over 40 million Americans move. The NCOA Link™ database provides 48 months of mover data and is the most comprehensive change of address service offered by the USPS®. The NCOA Link™ process* provides CASS certified output, Address Standardization, Zip+4, Zip Correction, Carrier Route Coding and Delivery Point Validation (DPV) information. The NCOA Link™ process meets move update requirements allowing mailers to qualify for USPS® postage discounts.

Apartment Append
Improve deliverability and increase response rates by appending apartment numbers to records that cannot be Zip+4 coded. This service is performed prior to matching your data file to the NCOA Link™ file.

DSF2 (Delivery Sequence File Second Generation)
Validate and standardize your addresses down to the delivery point by matching your file against all 145+ million delivery points on the USPS database. DSF2 processing is based on a USPS® approved matching process. Addresses are identified as business versus residential delivery points and Pseudo Delivery Sequence Numbers for walk sequence postal discounts are provided.

Deceased Suppression
Eliminate deceased individuals from your file to improve response rates, lower costs, and improve your company's image by minimizing mailings to deceased individuals. The file contains over 40 million deceased individuals and typical match rates fall between 1% and 3%. Unique to this suppression file is “Deceased Probability Index” methodology which will enable mailers to more intelligently identify deceased names and allow for a better determination if a name should be suppressed.

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